Happy B-day, Rebecca! A Look Back At Her Best Tights Outfits

Fashion tights are so much fun to play with, and as dedicated followers will tell you, Rebecca, a fashion blogger from TheClothesHorse is a great fashion model for the bold styles that are so interesting these days. As you may recall, some of our exciting tights here at TrendyLegs were used in outfits that she featured for her followers, the last outfit was featured on her B-day post, and to honer her, we gathered 5 amazing tights outfits she created wearing tights from TrendyLegs.

Here are some of her best looks that we just love sharing with you all. She’s the birthday girl, so let’s go ahead and share her beauty and glory with all of you out there. Shall we?

The first set are the Love Story Back Line Of Hearts Tights that rocked her outfit with an adorable charcoal sweater dress and flouncy white blouse underneath. This tights match the mood of this outfit perfectly by giving it a little flair with the white hearts creeping up the back of the leg. The tights are a great fit and really accentuate how small her legs are. A great combination that she looks so comfortable in!


The next hit combination was the City Star Print Tattoo Tights which gave a cute and dazzling appearance to a beautiful autumn outfit. These tights looked great on Rebecca, and the gold stars on the back of the calf and front really made these tights looks unique and still very fashionable. These are sure to keep her warm in the colder weather without losing the fashion.


Rebecca once again sported the hit Love Story Back Line Of Hearts Print Tights in her modeling of a rainy day. These tights worked in this outfit to help bring colour from the darkness of the tight fabric. A rainy day leeches colour, and these tights keep the brightness close to heart and vibrant.

In combination with the other elements of the fashionable ensemble, the outfit is a show stopper for sure. We’re totally in love with how these tights work on her. The Love Story Back Line Of Hearts Print Tights continue to make a home run in Rebecca’s fashion world as she sports them again in her Haunted House extravaganza. These are a great addition to the dark toned outfit, and really matches the Halloween scene she is trying to create.

Heartbreaker Printed Tights Outfit by The Clothes Horse

The white hearts blend in with the rest of her outfit and bring a pop of individuality to the ensemble. The combination with the high boots is really different and really works well, as it gives a more sombre look (appealing to the haunted house theme), but also a really refined and put-together one.


Lastly, there is the Papillon Tie Print Tights that are absolutely stunning on Rebecca. They are nude and high quality, but have the unique additions of bows on the knees. From a distance (of even up close, for that matter), the bows look as though they are painted onto the legs, and are absolutely stunning. They have enough flair and fun, though, that they don’t look stodgy or weird. Rebecca is a beautiful model that wear this look well. Though different from the other pairs of our TrendyLegs tights that she has worn, we are so excited that these tights were part of her wardrobe. What a looker!


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