Feather Print Tights: the Must-Have Fashion Embellishment

feather print tights

Feathers and fashion go a long way together, and now with advanced print on textile technologies, you can enjoy feathers print on high quality fashion tights, feather print tights can be wild; sophisticated and can help you transform that dull outfit into a gorgeous, delicate, and feminine look. With feathers printed tights, you can stop shopping expensive dresses and tops, you can use different pair of printed tights with the same items and bring out a variety of elegant, cool and sophisticated looks in a lower budget.Our Feathers print Tights collection by Zohara come in trendy winter colors are a must have piece in your wardrobe and will add unique and fashionable twist without spending a fortune..

Black & Orange: glorious and gorgeous  feathers print tights. These black tights come in thick 120 denier favric and high quality printed orange feathers that decorate your appearance. This type of tights create elegant & trendy appeal. The Orange Tights come with one feather or with a few feather print and make a perfect addition to you short, fancy black dress or long shirt..

Feathers Print Footless Tights Black Feathers Print Footless Tights Orange Feather Print Tights Orange & Black

P.s.  there are more patterns and colors! Choose your style from our collection of feather print tights, enjoy free shipping  and 20% off when you order 3 pairs (pr more..)

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