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Create a Bold & Trendy Look with Zohara Tights

Zohara Print Fashion Tights

Searching for cool tights can be a huge frustration, Zohara tights brand wants to solve this for you, Zohara’s Print tights may not be cheap, but at least they offer a much more daring designs from all the rest!

Now with winter here, without question, it is time to examine the domestic supply in terms tights. As always, most of the online shops that feature  pantyhose models tend to favor conservative, banal and their collections lack of exciting designs. Tones, black, brown, blue – dark gray and Bz’iim, do not sign the progress in this area, but caution disappointing.

Woman who are looking for creativity in this field and have been frustrated from boring tights models, may find an answer with Zohara’s creative print tights. Overall, the designs are based on a collections from painters and graphic artists and is very broad and quite impressive. The collection of the winter season, includes unique models in various colors with original prints. Among other things, plants, skulls, flowers, babushkas, hearts, birds, portraits Marilyn Monroe, humorous captions, drawings, ethnic Oriitliim or geometric elements.

With painted stockings, plain tights are also offered in 25 shades, mustard, burgundy, blue, pink, red, purple, and classic portability, peach, gray. Almost all tights comes in two options – with or without a foot (footless tights or as they call them in the UK – leggings).

The novelty of the season are the sheer tights which are partial transparence (40 denier thickness) and the prints look like a real tattoo that can be changed daily.

Zohara Tights
Zohara Tights
Zohara Tights
Zohara Tights


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