Che Guevara Tights, A Freedom & Fashion Statement!

Che Guevara tights

Now you can make a freedom and fashion statement at the same time!

More than just brand-mongering fashionistas are concerned with who they wear because clothing now has the power to send socio-political messages. For some it is just a fashion statement, but many are drawn to him as a symbol of the struggle against capitalism and the fight for a better world. Zohara Tights, known for its bold and unique designs(last year it was Marilyn Monroe..) introduced in it’s new collection a Che Guevara print tights, 120 denier, grey and black, poly and elastane blend, with a high quality print of the iconic, Che Guevara on the side of the leg.

The sleek look and comfortable feel of the tights make them ideal to wear with a casual weekend outfit, dressed up with heels for a night out, or as a topic of conversation at your next party.

Available in one size (fits all sizes 0-16), these tights can be worn by the young and socially conscious who are supportive of the actions and works of Che. They can also be worn by the most fashion-forward who like to make a statement, not just with their clothes but with fashions’ latest craze, print tights. Any woman can throw on a trendy Che shirt, but only those who know fashion understand that the subtle and understated sometimes says more.

Grab a pair of these Che Guevara print tights and add some sass, style, fun, and a statement to your fall and winter wardrobe. At just $35.95 your legs are sure to not just be noticed, but your tights are sure to be a showstopper

Che Guevara Fashion Print Tights

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