Board Shorts Vs Swim Trunks: (Pros, Cons & Uses)

Board Shorts vs Swim Trunks: Which is Best for You?

Swim Trunks are known as swim shorts, Men or boys wear them for water use. They are popular for swimming or sport activities at the beach like volleyball

They have lightweight materials that’re meant for maximum maneuverability in the Water. Another aspect that you really like about Swim trunks is the waistband construction. The Waistband is elastic with drawstring closure to provide comfort and flexibility so there are never any issues with material bunching or lack of security

Swim trunks have also a loose, boxy fit similar to boxer shorts They are often sized from XS to XL. They are made of quick-dry materials, like nylon or polyester that won’t bog the wearer down when wet.

They also feature a soft nylon mesh insert or liner. This mesh insert prevents chafing sometimes caused by the outer material rubbing against the skin. They offer some variation in length ranging from mid-thigh to knee-length hemlines

Generally, they are less expensive than board shorts. Swim Trunks for men start at about $18.

Board Shorts Vs Swim Trunks: (Pros, Cons & Uses)

Swim Trunks Pros

  • In men’s sizes, inseams range from 4 inches to 9 inches
  • They are made of quick-dry fabric and stretchy materials
  • Made of high-quality polyester that offers long-lasting comfort
  • comes with a drawstring closure that makes it easy to wear and take off.
  • Features an elastic waistband that offers a secure fitting
  • They have a built-in mesh liner that provides breathability by allowing air to circulate and wick away moisture
  • Comfortable for lounging on the beach or poolside
  • Offer some variation in length from mid-thigh to knee-length hemliness
  • less expensive than board shorts

Swim Trunks Cons

  • may wrinkle easily
  • not as durable as more rugged boardshorts. May fray, fade and wear out faster
  • Mesh insert can feel constricting and debris can get caught in it
  • Wide, short legs can ride up during strenuous water activities.
  • don’t offer more coverage and sun protection

Best Swim Trunks for Women’s & Men’s

1- Aleumdr Women’s Side Split Waistband Swim Shorts with Panty Plus Size S – 3XL

This pair of swim short is really popular and that popularity is for a reason.

These swim shorts are incredibly lightweight and comfortable. They are made of Spandex and polyester that feel very soft on the skin and super durable

What’s more, is that this pair of shorts comes with a front tie drawstring which allows you to fit the shorts snugly against your pelvis

If your first concern is durability and you want to use your swim shorts in high-impact activities, you can’t go wrong by picking The Aleumdr Women’s Side Split Waistband Swim Shorts:

They are perfect for intense water activities and allow you to improve your performance in water-based sports

You can find them in ten colors as well as in two available sizes: Small and 3X-Large

All in all, Aleumdr is one of the most trusted brands and all its products are high in quality, that you shouldn’t be hesitant when purchasing them.

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2- Most Comfortable: Maui Rippers Women’s 4-Way Stretch 9” Swim Shorts

Here is another perfect option when it comes to shopping for the best swim trunks for women.

The uniqueness of this pair of swim shorts lays on their stretchy materials stems from

These add extra comfort allowing you for better range of motion and good performance in water-based sports.

Whether you’re swimming or walking on the beach or playing volleyball, the Maui Rippers’ Will make your body feel comfortable and fresh

More than that, these shorts are built from a quick-dry fabric that typically dry faster ensuring you have a whale of time on the beach

All in All, when Maui Rippers is brought to the topic, great durability and suitability for multiple areas is what you can expect.

Our offer is now available on Amazon in 7 different colors including black, Ebony Magnolia, Navy, Maui Blue, etc… and in sizes ranging from 0 to 18

So Hurry Up and choose, for your self one pair or two. You’ll really be sweet in them

3- For Mens: Maamgic Mens Quick Dry Printed Short Swim Trunks With Mesh Lining SwimWear

This one is worth buying for Men Looking for comfy shorts that look perfect for water use. It features an elastic waistband with drawstring for an ultimate security

Your swim shorts’ll never sag or slip down when you are swimming, surfing, running or doing intense water activities

Besides, our top model is built from 100% Polyester that is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Its quick-drying fabric ensures that your swim short dries faster

If you are looking for a swimwear that’s slim fit, above knee length, this is the style you’re looking for.

In addition, this item has two side pockets, plus a back Velcro pocket with drainage so they won’t get waterlogged and prevent items from falling out

What are Board Shorts?

Board Shorts Were originally designed for Surfers. They are worn by both men or women for water use. They are popular for surfing or intense water activities like wakeboarding.

Surfers usually need the range of motion that also covers them like longer shorts would. That’s why, board shorts usually come down closer to the knee than swim trunks.

The longer length was intended to keep surf wax from ripping out a surfer’s leg hair as well as reducing irritation from rubbing.

Another aspect that you really like about board shorts is that they are stylish and can be worn off the beach as casual streetwear.

Unlike Swim Trunks, board shorts aren’t particularly soft and they don’t have much of the mesh inner lining so many surfers can wear them over other undergarments or swimsuit bottoms

In addition, board shorts also have a tighter, more secure waistband with a Velcro fly and drawstring closure – no elastic involved. This helps keep the shorts on while engaged in intense water activities

Generally, They are more expensive than swim shorts. Authentic board shorts start at $28.

Board Shorts Pros

  • Quick dry comfortable design: breathable and moisture wicking to keep sweat away and dry fast
  • Very durable and constructed to withstand high-performance water activities
  • More secure waistband with a Velcro fly and drawstring closure that help keep the shorts on
  • Better for activities like surfing and wakeboarding
  • Allow for better range of motion
  • Come in a variety of styles and colors you can choose board shorts with stripes, gradients or seashells and other sea creatures printed on them
  • They fit looser especially in the thigh and buttocks area
  • Offer more coverage and sun prodection
  • Stylish and can be worn for casual streetwear
  • Can wear them over other undergarments or swimsuit bottoms
  • Made of high-quality nylon that ensures extended durability
  • They are safe to machine wash

Board Shorts Cons

  • More expensive than swimsuits
  • Narrow fit isn’t suitable for all body types
  • Can not be pulled on and off easily
  • The shorts may be see-through
  • fitted Waistband is less comfortable than an elastic band and doesn’t allow for much give
  • Less comfortable for lounging on the beach

Best Board Shorts Women’s & Men’s

1- For Women: MiYang Women’s Swim Boardshorts Beach Pant

These shorts include key features like Quick-dry fabric to keep you comfortable and dry throughout water games. They are also made with 18% Spandex for phenomenal stretchability, allowing you to move freely and 82% nylon for extended durability. They also come with a tie closure that makes it easy to wear

You can pair these shorts with your favorite swim tops, bikinis, tankini tops, rash guards or yoga tops. You can also use them for many occasions like: diving, swimming, beach, sunbathe yoga, exercise, running or any other sport

2/ Best Women’s Plus Size Board Short: Roxy Women’s Endless Summer 2″ Boardshort

Different sizes are available of Women’s boardshorts. These are perfect for small as well as Plus Sized Women. The design of these shorts is beautiful. The quality of the product is high and these are made from 4-way stretch fabric that’ll allow you to move with comfort

They are made out of 90% polyester and 10% elastane, making them incredibly quick-drying and perfect for going in the water

These shorts are a chosen product for plus-sized women because they are well-fitted

Versatile! Featuring a thick, stretchy waistband for extra coverage, you can either wear these shorts for beach or as a casual wear

3- For Men’s: Hurley Men’s One and Only 22 Inch Board Short

Hurley is likewise one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buying a pair of board shorts for Men.

They focus explicitly on providing quality products. That’s why, when you opt in for boardshorts designed by Hurley durability and stylish look is what you can expect

What’s more is that pair is True to size, it fits perfect. The inseam is 22 inches, it has no liner on the inside but although there is no liner, it is not sheer material. It also features one pocket on the right side to store any personal things.


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