Love Text Print Tights: They’re Back and They’re Spectacular!

Love Text Print Fashion Tights

Last year we featured the love text print tights and they were a huge success and they run our of stock quickly, in the new fashion print tights 2012 collection. Zohara added limited addition of these fashionable tights and now you have the opportunity to buy them on our fashion tights shop These Zohara Love […]

Stylish Urban Look with Tattoo Print Tights

tattoo tights

Now you can update your wardrobe with fashion tights with unique tattoo print designs. Tights that you can wear whenever you’re going out with friends or when you just want to hang around. And having your own printed tights can give additional touch to your outfit. Be unique and standout from the crowd whenever you […]

Leg Wear Tip: How to Fix Ripped Tights in Two Minutes

fix tights with nail polish

A hole in a pair of tights can be pretty disastrous. Luckily, we’ve got a quick & easy tip to prevent disaster. As long as the hole is small, and hasn’t started to run, you can easily repair your tights, and it will take you no more than two minutes. The magic ingredient? A bottle […]

Fashion Print Tights Collection by Zohara

zohara new fashion tights

The Zohara Fashion tights & footless tights collection is designed with a believe in quality with a fashionable look to complete any outfit, the print patterns are original and create different and varied styles which give a fashionable response for each woman and complete any outfit. The Zohara print Tights are 120 Denier, soft and […]