15 Best Shower Shoes for Men & Women [2022 TOP Picks]

As we become older, falls inside a bathroom tend to become more common, with potentially dangerous outcomes: so, a good pair of shower shoes that is mainly anti-slip, is an essential you should always have packed in your things.

Best shower shoes have been specially designed for shower use. yet, they are very often suitable for other occasions. They are perfect for all seasons, indoor and outdoor, after sports and after bathing, they are also suitable for wearing at restaurants, hotels, massage shops, and cafes.

So, whether you are staying at a hotel, moving into a college dorm, or hitting the gym, shower shoes remain an essential requirement that you must put in your bag with your other private things.

Shower shoes are protective enough to shield your feet from a variety of infections, slippage, and ailments. However, not all shoes are best for shower use. We should consider several features that make them excellent to wear while wet. Some of these features are non-slip grips at the bottom, drainage holes, antimicrobial material, and others.

To help you find the best option for your needs, We combed through thousands of customer reviews and found 15 pairs of best shower shoes

Best Shower Shoes For Men & Women – Waterproof, Non-Slip, Reusable

To make things easier, we’ve created a list of the best shower shoes available now on the market. We’ve looked at how safe they are while showering, how easy to wash after several uses, and how long they can last. We have also considered positive Amazon reviews, comfort, style, and versatility.

1- Adidas Adilette Aqua Slide Sandals

Best Shower Shoes - Adidas Adilette Aqua Slide Sandals

One popular pick from Adidas are these Adilette Slides which have been specially designed for shower use. These Aqua Slide Sandals have several features that make them suitable to wear while wet. The first is the durable yet soft single-bandage upper which keeps one’s feet from sliding out onto wet floors

The second is the textured traction on the soles that prevent falls and the third is the plush cushioning in the footbed that provides you with the ultimate comfort in and out of the shower.

Reviewers with high feet arches will enjoy the comfort this style provides. It’s available in a number of 15 cute colors to fit all tastes while the sizes are ranging from 5 to 11.

With more than 24,600 positive Amazon reviews, these Adidas Adilette Slides are proved to be as one of the best shower shoes recommended to use for both men and women.

Rave reviews “these are the most comfortable shower shoes/sandals I have ever worn. The thick sole fits your feet great. will never use slippers or any other shower shoes again. Highly recommend”


  • available in 23 colors
  • single-bandage synthetic upper for durability
  • plush cushioning in the footbed
  • available sizes 5-11
  • slip-resistant


  • no adjustable strap

2- Nike Men’s Beach and Pool Shoes

Best Shower Shoes For Men - Nike Men’s Beach and Pool Shoes

If you are looking for a pair to wear in wet bathrooms but also on the beach, this popular model from Nike should satisfy you.

These Well-reviewed shoes feature draining holes throughout the flexible sole for faster drying as well as full-length, wavy grooves which provide better grip onto wet floors.

In addition, you’ll find these grooves inside the shoes for better in-shoe security. Furthermore, these Men’s best shower shoes come in 10 different styles to fit all tastes.


  • draining holes throughout the flexible sole for faster drying
  • full-length wavy flex grooves keep the midsole ultra-flexible
  • Soft synthetic strap moves naturally with your foot

3- Crocs Women’s Kadeeli Flip Flop Sandals

Best Shower Shoes For Women - Crocs Women's Kadeeli Flip Flop Sandals

These durable shower Flip Flops by crocs are another option for best shower shoes designed for women. They are lightweight and flexible yet ensure an excellent support for your feet

The upper soles have massage-pod footbeds that keep your feet from sliding around when wet. while the lower soles have tracking to reduce slips. In addition, the toe straps are made soft TPU that will not hurt your feet.

In addition, to being quick-drying, durable, and light, reviewers overwhelmingly find these flip-flops to be incredibly comfortable that one reviewer compared them to “walking barefoot” another one is writing: “my feet are in heaven”

Honestly and according to thousands of customers’ reviews, these crocs flip-flops are comfortable even for a long walk on the beach. You can also wear them for the odd activity outside of the shower as they are so light, they only weigh a couple of ounces.

4- Quiksilver Molokai 3 Point Flip Flop

Best Shower Shoes - Quiksilver Molokai 3 Point Flip Flop

Quiksilver is a well-known brand in the world of adventure sports. It has created many products ranging from clothes, sports shoes to best shower sandals in an attempt to satisfy those seeking performance and comfort, and this time, it offers you these flip flops.

They are both stylish and simple They look pretty decent too and can be used relatively flexibly.

In other words, they are the best shower shoes but in the most traditional sense. You can wear them in the bathroom, next to the swimming pool, outside of the shower but they are not recommended for taking long walks on the beach or other types of more strenuous water activities.

Anyway, they remain appreciated by many users for being flexible, slip-resistant lightweight, and simple.


  • stylish and simple
  • anti-slip sole
  • look pretty decent
  • have a textured footbed which provides some comfort to your feet.
  • Blown rubber outsole with multi-angled logo lugs for added traction


  • not recommended for taking long walks

5- Finleoo Shower Sandals

Best Shower Shoes - Finleoo Shower Sandals

These shower sandals are popular since they’re specifically designed for shower use.

They have drainage holes that make them dry faster so that you don’t have to walk around with soggy sandals

These drainage holes keep water from pooling at your feet, thus, lowering the chance that bacteria and fungus will also be given an opportunity to thrive. The holes also help the EVA slides dry in a snap These shower sandals are non-slip.

You can wear them at the pool shower or at the gym In terms of comfort, the footbed features a bumpy, convex design that gives your toes and heels a nice massage as you walk

This model is available in 30 different colors whichever color your outfit is, you should be able to find the best shower shoes


  • drainage holes design
  • massage for your foot
  • anti-slip dots design
  • suitable for many occasion

6- Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog

Best Shower Shoes - Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog

This pair offers added protection for your feet It provides a snug but comfortable fit and is perfectly suited for showers and water activities

It comes with plenty of ventilation holes to add breathability and allow the water to find its way out and prevent it from accumulating inside. More than 340,000 reviews prove just how worthy they are

The traction outsole will help you steady on wet, tile floors. while the roomy fit in the toes ensure a secure fit

The crocs classic clogs are not only the most comfortable shoes for women and men but also easy to clean just using a soap and water

Reviewers with tired feet, enjoy the comfort this style provides. It’s available in 20 colors to satisfy all the customers’ tastes while the sizes are available from 4 to 19.

One reviewer’s praise “These shoes were so comfortable I put them on, went to bed with them on, showered with them on, and have yet to take them off. They’re so comfortable, they’re a part of my very existence now. Thank you!”


  • comes in 20 fashionable colors
  • protect your feet
  • holes to drain water
  • easy to clean
  • lightweight ionic crocs comfort

7- Best Flip Flops: Vertico Shower Flip-Flops

Best Flip Flops Vertico Shower Flip-Flops

Although these Flip Flops don’t have drainage holes, users claim that they dry quickly. So according to most customers’ reviews, they are considered as one of best shower shoes

These Vertico Flip Flops have several features that make them suitable for wearing on wet surfaces.

First, the lightweight sandals have a thick, sturdy thong strap and a slip-resistant outsole that provides excellent grip

Second, the inner and bottom texture is good at preventing slips too. Only two colors are available whether black or navy blue. Yet they are both of them attractive. These sandals are so lightweight and can be used in other many occasions in the bathroom, in the room, veranda, on the beach,… . One customer said “These are great for the shower and pool”


  • lightweight sandals
  • provides excellent grip
  • slip-resistant
  • versatile
  • durable


  • only 2 colors available: black and navy blue

8- Adidas Unisex-Adult Adissage Slides Sandal

Best Shower Sandals - Adidas Unisex-Adult Adissage Slides Sandal

According to positive Amazon reviews, these Adidas Adissage slides are a major crowd-pleaser thanks to its two obvious features

The first is an extra “soft and cushiony” Velcro strap that makes it easy for you to get your exact fit.

The second is EVA nubs on the footbed that massage your feet as you move.

Not only these two features are available in Adissage slides, but they are also non-slip, and made of quick-dry synthetic material

One reviewer’s praise “these slides are non-slip I wear them at the pool, shower and when I am using the self serve car wash. So nice to have good, non slip footing around water. I find the footbed comfortable but if you have sensitive feet it may take a couple wearing to adjust”.


  • adjustable fit; hook-and-loop closure
  • EVA massage nubs on footbed

9- Best Overall: Under Armour Men’s Locker III Slide Sandal

Best Overall Under Armour Men's Locker III Slide Sandal

This pair offers a snug but comfortable fit and it is specifically designed for shower use yet it can be worn when doing water activities These well-reviewed sandals feature five holes inside the soles: 3 at the front and 2 at the back allowing the water to find its way out as you shower.

In addition, after the shower is over the holes permit good airflow, easing the drying process. Because they don’t gather moisture, mold, or fungi growth shouldn’t be an issue

These versatile Slide Sandals can also be used outside of your shower. they are available in both black and navy blue. This dark-colored, classic design is discreet and doesn’t attract unwanted attention


  • holes in the sole
  • designed to drain water
  • quick to dry
  • discreet design


  • users wished there was more sole cushioning

10- Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal

Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal

It’s normal not to like walking barefoot in a shower or lounge at the pool which many people before you have already used, so, you should try our Vertico shower and Poolside Sport sandals, they may not be the most fashionable style, yet they will protect your feet

from harmful bacteria, you can wear these sandals at the pool, in a public shower, at the gym, or even for just walking around the block. The sole is made with durable rubber that should last for years. It’s designed with a strong floor grip to avoid any accidents

They are so comfortable thanks to the closed-cell EVA inner layer and the foam-like material. Besides to comfort, reviewers love these sandals as they don’t make noise when walking

The open toe and partially open straps are meant to let water freely slide in and out. In a nutshell, this particular design is amongst the best shower shoes that you should have a look and why not giving it a try


  • economical
  • soft and comfortable insole
  • compact and lightweight
  • classic style


  • the front strap can be too loose for some users.

11- Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Sandal, Lightweight & Sporty Sandals for Women

Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandal, Lightweight & Sporty Sandals for Women

Many users describe these Swiftwater sandals as “comfortable” as well as “lightweight”

Besides shower use, they can be worn at many other occasions! Gym, swimming pool, beach, holiday, Leisure, etc…

These Women’s Sandals are incredibly soft, water-friendly, and lightweight. They are wide open, with only three thin straps running over the front shoe. This shape secures the foot inside while allowing a sleek and classy design, matching most outfits

Available in 21 different colors to fit all tastes so whichever color your outfit is, you should be able to find a matching shade


  • these cute water sandals are lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • elegant design: it’s wide open with only three thin straps over the front
  • easy to put on and remove
  • suitable for city-wear


  • straps aren’t adjustable

12- Gemax Unisex Pillow Slippers

Best Shower shoes - Gemax Unisex Pillow Slippers

These GEMAX Unisex Pillow Slippers are all about comfort. They feature a four-centimeter-thick sole to increase your in-shoe comfort, especially on hard floors. The soles also sport a wave-shaped patterning on the bottom to provide a better grip. Besides, the interior of the pillow slippers adopts a diamond-shaped raised design, which is suitable for bathroom wear

In addition, the insoles include hundreds of particles that offer gentle massage, giving your feet extra comfort. This model is available in 3 colors


  • ultra-lightweight: weigh only 200g
  • you can wear them all day without fatigue
  • lighter and more comfortable than rubber slippers

13- Most Protective Shower Shoes: Clapzovr Men’s Sandal Shower Water Shoes

Most Protective Shower Shoes Clapzovr Men's Sandal Shower Water Shoes

If you’re looking for a pair to wear in the shower and that covers your entire foot, this cute water model should satisfy you. They are lightweight and easy to wear. Besides shower use, they can be worn when doing water activities

The enclosed design limits the risk of your foot slipping inside the shoe or losing it while walking. It comes with holes covering the entire material to let water freely slide in and out of the shoe.

In addition, these holes make the drying process faster The breathable PVC material prevents moisture from accumulating, too. and the sole itself is designed to provide a strong grip and avoid falls

They’re also made to be extremely comfortable The sole offers the needed cushioning to go on walks by a beach or lake without feeling too tired.

14- Best Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes: Secure Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes

Best Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes Secure Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes

These are the best shower shoes included in our list. They are both simple and comfortable: They are simple: as they can be used by all ages. and they are comfortable: since they contain an upper layer made of mesh that don’t irritate the skin. What’s more the front and back of the shoe don’t come with inner seams to avoid blisters.

These shoes offer a relaxed fit and we recommend ordering your exact size for a perfect fit. You can find them in 3 different sizes and a uniform white color.


  • simple to use and wear
  • extra slip-resistant
  • unisex
  • 90-day warranty


  • make take longer to dry

15- Best Comfortable Shower Sandals: Kaiback Simple Slide Sport Shower Sandal

Best Comfortable Shower Sandals Kaiback Simple Slide Sport Shower Sandal

the latest option for best shower included in our list is this sport shower sandal that dozens describe it as “the most Comfortable”.

Most reviewers seem to agree about the fact that these sandals are great and super comfortable when wearing for showering at the gym. They still appreciate them for being well constructed and slip-resistant. other customers praise them for being so secure good-looking and extremely well priced

In terms of feature, our shower slippers are made of durable, waterproof rubber with bottom tread that grips easily to wet surfaces.

In addition, these shower slippers are made with a squishy but durable closed-cell EVA insoles that feel like a soft cloud of memory foam. All these specifications make of them best shower shoes.


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