Top 12 Best Jeans For Hourglass Figure of 2022 That Are Actually Worth Buying

Which Type of Jeans is Best for Hourglass Figure?

In the latest buying guide, I talked about The Best Jeans for Apple Shape Women but today I’m going to focus on the best jeans for the curvy silhouette that what’s I call the Hourglass figure.

for the curve-conscious buyers, this guide may help them choose the right pants that suit them more and can adjust perfectly to their shape.

Normally, Women with curvy figures have very defined waists and a similar width between their shoulders and hips and very often they find it difficult to purchase jeans that always look good on their bodies.

They find it so challenging to hide their curves and appear slimmer. If you have similarly become tired of not having good jeans to wear. I’ve great news to share with you. I have done all my efforts and finally succeed in gathering the best jeans for curvy women that many buyers swear by.

Best Jeans For Hourglass Figure – Buying Guide

In this buying guide, you’ll find the best jeans for hourglass figure which are available now on the market in different big sizes and colors to match all your preferences, they’ll offer you great comfort, fit, style, and durability

So let’s check them out below!!

1- Gloria Vanderbilt: Classic High Waisted Pants for Hourglass Figure

This is something to balance your curvy silhouette. Although, most women prefer skinner denim over a hourglass figure. these classic High Waisted Pants from Gloria: stretch and fit in all the right places

They offer excellent slimming and shaping features. Besides, they are heavy and include much elasticity thus making them harder to succumb to a lot of wearing and washing. This type of style is the answer to your cravings for denim that won’t spoil your hourglass body

Gloria Vanderbilt’s the women’s Petite Amanda Classic Tapered jeans are well-built, top-quality, easy-to-button, and very durable

These jeans are beneficially made of 98% cotton denim which is smooth to touch, sturdy and soft The other best thing about these jeans for curvy women is that they have five plain pockets that flow well with the classic design

These pockets become invisible and lays nicely on the jeans. Its high-rise waist easily covers up the belly and helps give you a classic look

Therefore, I recommend these perfect jeans especially to overweight people. They are forgiving and relaxing


  • soft, sturdy denim
  • large, functional pockets
  • slimming, elegant design
  • top-quality, sturdy, a bit stretchy fabric
  • versatile classic style
  • comfortable to move


  • may shrink after first wash
  • consider the cut that is not too narrow at the bottom.

2-  Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Skinny Jeans

Everyone knows about Levi’s and that they have perfect jeans. But what most of you might not know is they have jeans that fit neatly on curvy women. If you want skinny jeans then you should try out the Signature by Levi Strauss and Co.

They are for women with Hourglass figure who want a unique style but still be good-looking and comfortable. These jeans sit nicely on your waist and forms out your shape nicely

They fit your body properly well and they sit exactly at the waist, offering extra room at the seat

These skinny jeans feature a robust cotton material, four large and functional pockets and a small inside watch pocket which is nicely tucked in but can be used easily because of the jeans stretch technology


  • made of robust cotton material
  • super comfortable
  • front and back pockets
  • High waist

3- Silver Jeans Co. Women’s Suki Mid Rise Slim Bootcut Jeans

Most women might not know it but this Suki collection of Curvy Fit Mid Rise Slim Bootcut Jeans created by Sliver jeans Co in Canada is one of the best brands for denim that curvy women should own

The best thing about these jeans for Hourglass figures is that they have plenty of sizes options available. So regardless of your weight, you,ll be able to find a size in these jeans

Additionaly, they last a nice five-pocket design with four bigger pockets and one small watch pocket. These semi-stretch jeans are 93% cotton, 6% polyester, and just 1% elastane but the hug and fit are surprisingly elegant

Also these amazing jeans have a straight cut so they are more comfortable to women with curvy waist but skinny legs

Furthermore, you can wear these jeans with high or flat heels, boots, sneakers, etc


  • these semi-stretch jeans are 93% cotton, 6% polyester, and 1% elastane
  • they have a five-pocket design with signature buttons
  • one hidden pocket at the front for small items
  • elegant fit
  • available semi-ripped items in different shades of blue


  • the larger size may cost you more than ordinary jeans

4- Wallflower Plus Size Curvy Hourglass Shape Jeans

Wallflower Curvy Bootcut Jeans are definitely a fortunate pick. The American Company produces different apparels with good quality performance. Its jeans aim to give a comfortable and relaxing fit. At the same time, they remain inexpensive compared to some other jeans that may be less authentic

This could easily be any women’s go-to jeans not only for the competitive price but also for the exceptional quality. These are washer and dryer safe with their cotton and rayon material.

The fabrics also offer a nice stretch that allows you to move quickly throughout the day. Not only this, you’ll move with no restrictions as your jeans’ll move with you. Although, your jeans will have a skinny look, they will still feel loose around your curvy figure

Many women who have already tried them on, said that these denims are Great, they fit perfectly and stay comfortable All Day

Furthermore, these jeans come in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from. These wallflower Plus Size Curvy Hourglass shape jeans are mainly for casual occasions and do not include a tool loop


  • These jeans are good quality and not expensive
  • offer many color and size options
  • made of cotton and rayon materials
  • five-pocket design
  • excellent midrise contour that helps to display your curves niceky
  • perfect bootcut flare


  • the back pockets may be too small to hold your private things

5- Levi’s Women’s Classic Straight Jeans (Standard and Plus-size)

Being a woman with a curvy waist and skinny legs, you may prefer straight-cut denim pants

They are snug at your hips, straight down to your knee, flaring slightly at the bottom. It makes an impression of a balanced silhouette

These classic jeans have fashionable belt loops matching pour preferences, mid-rise waist, and stretchable fabric. They are made of 79% cotton, 19% polyester, and 2% elastane

They come in Blue, Brown, Green, Black, and white colors to give you that feminine flare bright and cheery color and they also come in both standard and Plus-size

These jeans are really the best if you are a plus size as they stretch and fit in all the right places


  • top-quality, fashionable belt loops
  • available colors
  • available standard and Plus-Size
  • All out American style jeans that mesmerize the world for decades


  • it has low elasticity, so buy the one that fits your waist snugly
  • best to wear with high heels to highlight your curve

6- Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Jeans Plus Size

These Amanda jeans from Gloria Vanderbilt are another excellent option for women with Hourglass figure, they come in different colors and have great durability thanks to the 100% Cotton material

I Would rate these jeans very highly in terms of comfort and versatility as they are perfect to wear to work, attending a class, or spending time with friends for family.

The white color is not transparent and can fit even women aged more than 60 years. These pants sit at your natural waistline with fully functional pockets, easy front zipper fly, belt loops for your favorite belt and contoured hips. They feel so comfortable when you are sitting or standing

7- Lee Riders Plus Size Hourglass Shape Jeans

Most people might not know it but Lee Indigo is one of the best brands for jeans that Plus size Hourglass women should own. They have been a global leader since the late 1800s and have developed a large base of satisfied customers.

Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend jean is one of their latest designs. These are nicely constructed to suit women of all shapes including women with curvy figure. It’s true that Lee Riders Jeans are less durable than Levi Strauss and Co but are a good start in women’s hourglass jeans for including several features

In terms of price, they are less expensive and in terms of materials, they are made of mostly cotton, which allows for some amount of durability

As other jeans, Lee riders also feature a gorgeous classical five-pocket styling which is suitable for housing your credit cards and other private items like mobile phone, keys or some cash.

Additionally, although they are boyfriend jeans, they still provide a very skinny jeans look. They also have a higher rise in their design, thus giving an excellent form to the waist


  • this denim consists of mostly cotton
  • features a gorgeous classical five-pocket styling
  • very skinny jeans
  • best jeans for hourglass figure
  • Zipper closure
  • More stretch with a shaped seat and thigh to highlight the waist
  • higher mid-rise to accentuate the waist

8- Lee Modern Series: Super Flexible Bootcut Jeans

You are curvy and a very proportionate hourglass. You must then be proud of your curvy silhouette and take care of it. At least by wearing jeans that’ll boost your confidence! Why not trying on Lee Modern series jeans? You’ll certainly love them and they’ll become your favorite, go-to jeans as they are specifically designed for women with Hourglass figure

What’s special in these jeans? Well, they are snug at your hips, straight down to your knee, flaring slightly at the bottom. and this makes an impression of a super balanced silhouette.

Not only this, these pants are super-stretch made of flexible materials, they feature perfect semi-flared lines and are unique by their signature detailing.

They also come with contrast stitching, nice and neat straight seams. The Buttons, Zip closure and bet loops are other available features. Like other jeans from other well-known brands, you’ll like the 5-pocket construction. The hidden pocket will enable you to keep all your private items.


  • super-stretch
  • flexible fabric
  • contouring design
  • nice, flattering lines
  • easy to wash
  • great signature detailing
  • decorative contrast stitching
  • Mid-rise waist
  • 17.5″ leg opening
  • 5-pocket construction


  • long, wide-leg jeans don’t match flat shoes
  • stretchy fabric loosens up by the end of your day

9- Democracy Women’s Ab Solution Jeans

These Democracy Women’s AbSolution Jeans are another excellent option for Hourglass figures. They come in short and long inseams as well as petite and plus size and have great durability thanks to the 54% cotton, 2% Spandex, 27% Rayon, and 17% Polyester.

There is a nice stitching element in the jeans and it seems to be able to withstand a number of washes. In terms of price, it remains less expensive compared to some other jeans but low price doesn’t mean bad quality because this denim has a fair price but a steady quality.

The company Democracy women has always created best jeans for hourglass figures at low cost but with a good quality. To be honest, this denim is really nice and it’s up to what you are looking for at the end of the day that’ll make you choose the best brand


  • imported
  • zipper closure
  • easy to wash
  • a fair price

10- Lee Relaxed fit Straight Leg Jeans – high-waisted jeans for Hourglass Figure

You want an excellent casual wear design. Well, perhaps you should try out the “Lee Relaxed fit Straight leg jean” It’s for curvy women who want a simple look but still be casual, comfortable, and suitable for any event. With a loose fit through the hip and thigh, these high-waisted jeans provide an extra feeling of comfort and self-confidence

They are made of over 80% cotton and the materials used on these jeans help with the stretch

For over 100 years, Lee has produced best jeans for Hourglass figure with durability and long-lasting construction in mind.

Lee is committed to designing suitable casual jeans with their extreme comfort which ensure ease of movement for long hours

Lee Relaxed fit Straight Leg jean is indeed a good option. It includes all the important features that make them best jeans for Hourglass figure. In fact, they feature the usual 5-pocket design, a strong stretch fabric which helps create a slimming shape, a straight leg and a high-rise waist. They appear amazing and you can wear them for most occasions.


  • provide a relaxed fit
  • feature the classic 5-pocket styling
  • loose-fit jeans
  • excellent casual wear design

11- Levi’s Women’s 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans – Best Levi’s jeans for Hourglass Figure

These jeans are especially designed for women with hourglass figure, they offer a nice loose fit that makes them great for wearing at any time or occasion. They are made with an innovative tummy-slimming panel and a skinny cut that makes your legs look longer. They are offered in standard and plus sizes, So if you are a curvy woman, you can find the appropriate size. They also come with plenty of pockets

Moreover, they won’t restrict your movement at all as most other jeans would. So you can wear them for anything and not have to worry that they won’t be functional

12- Annystore Skinny Hourglass Figure Jeans

Shopping for your own body type and shape can be a hard task especially when it comes to buying the ideal pair of jeans. If you’re a woman who has been on an endless search for the best jeans for hourglass body. Here is one top pick!!

It’s Annystore Skinny Hourglass figure jeans They are close to many good quality jeans but they are much loved by women.

They are very affordable and include a nice high-waisted design with very skinny legs. These jeans will make you look more attractive

Moreover, they have a form-shaping fit and look wonderful like they do in the photo

This pair of jeans has a stretchy and comfortable fabric. Throughout the day, you’ll feel embraced and sculpted.

There are five stylish pockets on these skinny jeans: Three front pockets for storing your everyday items such as cell phones, keys, coin, etc and two back pockets for storing other devices

Annystore Fashion is well-known and praised amongst many wearers, So you won’t have to worry about quality

This pair of jeans is a good choice, if you have a more hourglass figure.


  • High waist Skinny Stretch Ripped Jeans
  • Good quality jeans
  • very affordable
  • very skinny legs
  • Three Front Pockets and two back ones
  • Stylish Button Design
  • Comfortable and soft material


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