Top 11 Best Jeans For Apple Shape Body You Need in Your Closet

As Women, We are distinguished from each other by our body type. We all have different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes us all uniquely beautiful. Yet, shopping for one’s specific body type can be a challenge especially when it comes to finding best jeans for a specific shape.

If you’re a woman who has a fuller bust and wide shoulders with narrow hips and slimmer thighs, then, you’re an apple shape

Shopping for best jeans for apple-shaped bodies is not an easy task, too.

Luckily, there are options out there that may help you find your appropriate size which is also suitable for your Apple shape.

There are several styles of jeans that’ll highlight your silhouette and make your shape look great.

I suggest you first watch This video on how to dress apple or oval body shape in order to flatter the proportions and make your tummy less visible overall and then read the full post on how to find the best jeans specifically for the apple shape.

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body – Buying Guide

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body – Buying Guide
Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body – Buying Guide

Most apple-shaped bodies have wider waistlines that go straight into their hips, so, We have kept this in mind while searching for Best jeans for apple shape, and here is what we have gathered.

It’s a list of the best-fitting jeans you’ll ever own. You won’t regret adding some of them to your wardrobe!

1- Lee Women’s Sculpting Fit Slim Leg Pull-on Jean – Editor’s Choice

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body - Lee Women's Sculpting Fit Slim Leg Pull-on Jean

It is sometimes difficult to find jeans that fit women with wider waistlines and slimmer legs To solve this problem, you can choose Lee Women’s Sculpting Fit Slim Leg Pull-on jean. It’s a good choice for the best jeans for Apple shape It’ll instantly ameliorate your look.

It features a slim leg design and mid-rise rise The stretchy material which is a blend of 2% Spandex and 22% rayon makes these pants extremely comfortable. Throughout the day, you’ll feel embraced and sculpted by making your waist appear smaller.

If you’re trying to add more curves to your figure then, these Lee Women’s jeans are the best jeans for your apple shaped body

Not just from the waistband, these jeans feature whisker lines across the hips to make them appear wider

Even though, these jeans are comfy, sexy, and fashionable they are still raisonable in price. With so many sizes ranging from 0 to 18 as well as short, regular, and long, these jeans help gain an elegant look


  • Pull-on waistband tucks in excess weight while enhancing hips and butt
  • whisker detail widens the look of your hips
  • smaller back pockets allows backside to appear fuller
  • made with Spandex and rayon material for a soft smooth comfort fit
  • Mid-rise style to sculpt your figure


  • the straight leg may be too narrow for your preference

2- Amazon Essentials Women’s High-Rise Skinny Jean

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body - Amazon Essentials Women's High-Rise Skinny Jean

The Amazon Essentials Women’s Skinny jeans are another good option for an apple-shaped figure. Though they are supportive as jeans; They feel soft and stretchable just like jeggings.

Made of 79% cotton, 18% Polyester, and 3% Elastane these are the best jeans for apple shape.

They feature a Zip-fly with button closure and a high-rise fit. Even though, they are skinny jeans they shape and not squeeze your buttocks

In terms of size, they are quite accurate and useful. They have an exact measurement chart for the waistband, hips, and length The fit around the buttocks and thighs is very considerate. Even after a few Washes, it doesn’t irritate the skin or become too loose

The Waistband is not too constricting so it doesn’t press into your stomach. These jeans are extra supportive and firm for long-term Wear


  • soft and lightweight fabric
  • incredible stretch and shaping
  • no inner thigh chafing or pilling


  • the length is a bit short

3- NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Leg Denim Jeans

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body - NYDJ Women's Marilyn Straight Leg Denim Jeans

Sim, trendy, classic, and stylish-this is what comes to mind when you talk about these jeans

The best ones so far are these NYDJ Marilyn. They are comfy, smooth, and durable to wear. They give you a supportive and shaping feeling as well

The classic pockets, Zip-fly with button closure the flattering waist, and the straight fit. All these features come together perfectly, making you look great and so comfortable

It is highly recommended pair of jeans for its outstanding durability, added to that straight-leg denim is quite the trend in 2022. You can wear it anywhere and with anyone. It has the right waistline for an apple shaped figure

It hides your tummy and slims your hips and thighs. While the straight length elongates your lower body making you look taller and more in shape. So, trying NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Leg Denim Jeans is a good idea if you have never tried them before


  • Accurate and fit Specific sizing chart
  • they feel breathable and dry
  • The fabric is smooth inside out


  • you can feel the seams/lining of the denim

4- NYDJ Women’s Plus Size Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body - NYDJ Women's Plus Size Marilyn Straight Leg Jeans

Jeans shopping is probably one of the most stressful activities for women, especially who have curvy figures. The NYDJ Women’s Plus-size Marilyn Straight-leg jean will instantly improve your look.

It features a flattering waist, higher rise, and versatile straight-leg fit. Stretchy material makes these pants extremely comfortable as well. What’s more, is the brand’s special Lift Tuck technology.

It consists of a body slimming panel With an exclusive criss-cross construction in the front and a curve-shaping construction to shape and support your curves for an always-sleek silhouette so that make plus size women and their curves feel and look a size smaller with so many sizes available, according to my opinion

these jeans are one of the best jeans for apple shape or curvy figures, they help gain an elegant look. This is a wardrobe season to season


  • Comfortable, stretch denim
  • figure-elongating straight legs
  • lift Tuck with Tummy-slimming panel
  • classic design
  • straight leg jeans for women.
  • easy to clean

5- Dickies Women’s Relaxed Straight Leg Jean

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body - Dickies Women's Relaxed Straight Leg Jean

Relaxed Straight leg jeans for an apple-shaped figure look amazing and area top pick They’re slimming from the hips and butt And with the straight leg opening, they’re so impressive

The relaxed fit ensures easy and flexible mobility. It doesn’t overstretch nor does it chafe

The fabric of these best jeans is not rough It doesn’t rub against the thighs Being crafted of a blend of the softest materials, this jean delivers excellent recovery to retain its shape.

You can expect 100% comfort and support in these jeans. It’s mid-rise and it creates the perfect shape and silhouette for an apple-shaped figure

You can buy them in multiple colors and maintaining them is easy because you can machine wash them in cold Water. The wash lasts for a very long time and since it’s polyester, there’s zero color fading


  • durable, lightweight, and supportive
  • the straight leg opening is impressive
  • not too long, not too short


  • the size is a bit inaccurate

6- NYDJ Women’s Barbara Bootcut Jeans

NYDJ Women's Barbara Bootcut Jeans

Here is something to balance your curvy figure Although most Women prefer skinny denim over a curvy body. these jeans are most flattering from the front as they do from the back in that they offer excellent slimming and shaping features

The waist fit is comfortable with no muffin top or bulging

Apple-shaped women are larger on the top and smaller on the bottom. So what you need is something that skims your body shape without squeezing your curves

You need a style of jeans that’ll make your shape look great. The straight lines on bootcut jeans elongate your body shape so that you look so pretty

What’s more, is the brand’s special Lift Tuck technology. It uses a proprietary slimming panel with a patented crisscross design to support and shape your curves, That no double, makes apple-shaped women feel and look a size smaller


  • they fit perfectly well for all sizes
  • soft and smooth inseam
  • innovative and useful Lift Tuck technology
  • machine wash
  • five-pocket styling, zip fly, button closure
  • available sizes


  • the waist is a bit high rise

7- Fashion2Love Plus/Junior Size Colombian Design High Waist Jeans

Fashion2Love PlusJunior Size Colombian Design High Waist Jeans

Be proud of your apple-shaped figure but you should recognise it and take care of it at least. by wearing best jeans for apple shape that will boost your confidence! But if you find yourself gaining weight a little.

don’t worry, you can always wear Fahion2Love Plus/Junior Size Colombian design High Waist jeans more comfortably anywhere and anytime

These jeans are close to many good quality jeans, they are affordable and include a nice high-waisted design with skinny legs. The jeans include functional front pockets and a nice stretchy shape.

Fashion2Love are seamed to enhance the appearance of your butt. They are really a good choice for you. Don’t hesitate to try them on. You won’t regret it’s promise!!

8- Jessica Simpson Women’s Plus Size Curvy High Rise Skinny Jeans

Best Jeans for Apple Shape Body - Jessica Simpson Women's Plus Size Curvy High Rise Skinny Jeans

I highly recommend these jeans to all women who have an apple shape figure. They are designed to suit women who prefer their denims to fit like a glove.

This model is best selling now. It suits any kind of body type even curvy women with a larger size. It’s made of stretch, soft and long-lasting denim, looking pretty good

You might assume that a larger size’ll be able to accommodate your waistline. This is true, no doubt

However, with a larger size, the legs are bigger too; but that’s not the case here. This pair from Jessica is the ideal pair of jeans for an apple shaped body because of its versatile styling options and flattering high Rise Waistline

9- Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Plus Size Stretch Bootcut Jean – Best Jeans for Apple Shape Plus Size

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Plus Size Stretch Bootcut Jean - Best Jeans for Apple Shape Plus Size

It is sometimes difficult to find jeans that fit women with a large bust and belly but slightly narrower hips and thighs. To solve this problem, you can choose mid-rise jeans, they are ideal for tummy shaping. Besides, the fit around the buttocks and waist is so good even if you don’t wear the bootcut style. Additionally, these jeans are made of thinner but finest material which is perfect for hot and suny days.


  • Mid-rise jeans ideal for tummy shaping
  • Thinner material perfect for hot, sunny days
  • no-gap elastic waist

10- Levi’s Women’s 711 Skinny Jeans

best jeans for apple shape - Levi's Women's 711 Skinny Jeans

Levi’s 711 Jeans are one of the best jeans for apple shape. They’re also the best in style and durability. Like many Levi’s jeans the women 711 skinny jeans are worth the purchase. They feature a mid-rise waist which is considered to be the best for more rounded women. They have a stretch that is super-soft as well

The stretchable fabric is the best example of the basic comfort-meets-style fashion that being enjoyed by jeans fanatics. Levi’s never grow old, indeed!

11- Levi’s Women’s Curvy Bootcut Jeans

best jeans for apple shape - Levi's Women's Curvy Bootcut Jeans

Being Curvy, you may prefer this type of jeans, they pair really well with plain tees and shirts. They are also made of a blend of durable materials

These Bootcut jeans will not only give you a pretty look but are also super comfortable They waists are really stretchy so you’ll be looking thinner in no time

They do not shrink or wrinkle and do not look loose or baggy. The seams are also soft and supportive


  • supportive and comfortable waistband
  • bright and long-lasting wash
  • comfortable and soft material


  • the pant legs are a bit longer than expected


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