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While there are many different types of Summer clothes out there, women seem to go for skirts as a perfect option for a cute and casual look that’ll go with any outfit. Skirts are a go-to for many women everywhere.

They can be paired with a wide range of casual, semi-casual and even smart-casual items very effectively. They come in so many different fits, fabrics and patterns. And can be worn for both casual and formal wear, but can skirts be business casual?

Well, there is no black or white answer to this question. I think they can be if they are of a certain appropriate length, fit and style and they can also not be

If you are ever thinking of wearing your cute skirt to a workplace, here are some elements to consider like length, style, fabric, color and embellishments, so keep reading our article

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Are Skirts Business Casual?

Are Skirts Business Casual - Style Guide
Are Skirts Business Casual – Style Guide

Skirts that are knee-length or split at the knee or below and in which you can comfortably sit in public are considered business casual and are appropriate to be worn in many professional environments but this can be seen inappropriate in some other workplaces that have strict dress code.

So the answer to the question “Are Skirts Business Casual?” is more complicated as it can be answered by Yes and No. There is no black or white answer to this question. All What We can say is that there are a number of conditions to the skirts that need to pass as business casual and Among which are =

  • Length

Short Skirts are not considered business casual attire as they are too short for an office environment

A more appropriate length for skirts would be knee-length as it is still long below the knee making it appear

More respectful and professional looking. The length of the skirt is, thus, the key determinant in its business casualness.

Any skirts that are knee-length or split at the knee or below and in which you can sit comfortably in public are generally deemed business casual and appropriate for workplaces.

  • Style

Pencil Skirts that are knee-length or split at the knee or below are an acceptable style for business casual but this isn’t the only traditional bet when it comes to skirt styles at office environment

Any skirt that fits properly, that is to say not too short, not too tight or not too loose can be okay. Something close-fitting but not too tight like A-line or flared, pleated or flowy can be a safe bet when it comes to skirt styles at work

  • Fabric

Every year, fashion trends come and go and new fabrics occurred but not all fabrics used in skirts are considered suitable for office environment, there are some general rules about what is considered as work appropriate. So let’s explore what fabrics go with workplaces and which that don’t go with.

In general, Stain, denim, tulle, anything sheer, spandex, anything very shiny light, see-through or clingy is not business casual

However, a Woven fabric or Wool in a medium to heavyweight is a good bet

There are always some grey areas that will depend very much on the type of corporate culture you have. If you’re at a startup, a very young company or somewhere that is perhaps casual but requires business casual for client meetings, then you can wear a metallic pleated midi skirt paired with a collar and finish this business casual look with appropriate shoes.

But if you go for the same outfit to a bank or a financial or legal institution, metallic pleated, midi skirt is likely not to be considered suitable. The same goes for a below-the-knee-length leather pencil skirt, it’s acceptable as business casual if paired with a crisp white shirt in some office environments but not in others

  • Color

As a general rule, bright, bold patterns and anything that draws attention to you is not appropriate for business casual If you are not sure about which color to choose, stick to more neutral colors like black, brown, caramel, navy, dark green, burgundy or grey are easy go-to’s if you want to play it safe.

  • Embellishments

These include jewels, chains, sequins, sewn or ironed on patches, or other attachments to your skirt. All these embellishments are appreciated, they won’t cut the business part of casual

If your skirt conforms to the elements mentioned above, then it’s safe to say it can be considered business casual and you can confidently wear it to the office

Are Maxi Skirts Business Casual?

I don’t think so! The hemline of these skirts is too long for an office environment so normally maxi skirts are not considered business casual attire as the super long hemline doesn’t look professional.

What is considered as a business casual is a midi skirt style as it is still long but doesn’t pass the mid-calf

If you adore wearing maxi skirts you can put them off for summer wear, beachwear or even for casual weekend wear

A shorter hemline that reaches the knee or mid calf looks much more tailored in a business environment. To add, a more business casual touch, pair your skirt with heeled sleek ankle boots, a blouse and a tailored jacket and then you are ready to go at work

Are Jean Skirts Business Casual?

It all depends on the dress code in your office. If your office environment permits people to wear jeans as part of a smart casual or business casual dress code then there is no reason to prevent women from wearing jean skirts

While wearing jean skirts to the office, here are some guidelines to follow to ensure you look more polished

  • Stay away from branded jean skirts that feature brand names on the pockets or as part of the design
  • Avoid painted or embroidered jean skirts
  • Avoid distressed jean skirts
  • Avoid Jean Skirts With Rips
  • Make sure the jean skirt is immaculate

Are Corduroy Skirts Business Casual?

Corduroy Skirts are considered business casual wear when styled appropriately pair corduroy skirts with a smart blouse to dress them up and with a blazer and heels to dress them down for business casual wear Corduroy Skirts can Work well as part of a business casual outfit when styled with more professional looking clothing.

Remember, corduroy is considered a “Casual material” So to balance your outfit and make it more business casual, the rest of your outfit must be all “business” otherwise

You may end up looking too casual Make sure that your corduroy skirt is an appropriate length for an office Something above the knee or knee-length hemline is a safe bet

However something too short or too long can look odd with this style of skirt

You should also avoid brighty coloured or patterned corduroy skirts as they are eye-catching and in general anything that draws attention to you has traditionally not been favored as part of a business-appropriate wardrobe

Instead, go for more muted colors such as black, grey, navy or burgundy, to be safe

Are Pencil Skirts Business Casual?

Are Pencil Skirts Business Casual
Are Pencil Skirts Business Casual

Pencil skirts are considered business casual when they are of an appropriate length such as knee-length

You should also pair them with the appropriate tops and buttoms to make them suitable for your workplace

For example for the tops, you can pair your pencil skirts with a smart blouse For the shoes you can go for heels or complete the look by a simple turtleneck

More business wear style pencil skirts are of a simple color and they are made with well tailored suit material and to meet the business casual style, these types of pencil skirts’ll need to be dressed down slightly, for instance, you can wear sleek heeled ankle boots with a casual blouse and a simple turtleneck for a more relaxed style

Some other styles of pencil skirts are more casual and made with cheaper material like soft jersey fabric, in this case, to meet the business casual style, wear them with a tailored cropped jacket and heels for a sophisticated spin

Are Skater Skirts Business Casual?

Skater Skirts are considered business casual wear when are of an appropriate length and color. Knee-length and black color are a safe and traditional bet when it comes to skirt styles at work, so, avoid short skater skirts and any overly patterned styles

When you wear a skater skirt to the office here are a few dress code guidelines to follow

  • Avoid skirts with graphic patterns and opt for more a simple pattern like polka dot
  • The length of the skirt is the key determinant in its business casualness. Anything that is knee-length or slightly above the knee is considered appropriate
  • Skater skirts of a muted color such as black, grey, navy, or burgundy look professional
  • Pair your skater skirt with smart items of clothing such as a nice blouse, blazer and a pair of heels for a more business casual appearance

Are Printed Skirts Business Casual?

Yes, they can be business casual but when the print is simple clean and professional looking Always keep color and length in mind and avoid anything too flashy

5 Basic Rules to Follow for A Good Business Casual Appearance

  • Choose knee-length or below
  • Avoid Bright bold patterns and anything that draws attention to you
  • Stick to neutral, block colors or simple patterns instead
  • Choose well-fitted skirts
  • If you are unsure and want to compromise on any of the elements above, make sure that it is only one element and that all the others are very safe

Thank you for Reading This business casual skirts guide – I hope you now feel confident to put together your workwear Outfits!


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