5 Sheer Statement Tights To Elevate Your Outfit

Make last years spring wardrobe new again with sheer statement tights. They are a great way to bring a fresh take to your favorite looks. The sheer tights let you show some skin, while the details tell their own stories. Whether you want to be a goddess or a rock star, have fun with your look and be fearless!

We’ve put together a list of 5 tights that are sure to make any outfit eye catching. No need to worry about the heat, all tights featured are made of 20-40% denier, which means they are light and airy, feeling like a second skin. The only question is, what kind of statement do you want to make?

1. Be a goddess

with goldfish print patterned tights. The metallic gold details give the appearance of jewelry wrapping around the legs (in the most  flattering places).

print patterned sheer tights goldfish nude gold

2. Be classic

with polka dot tights. These elegant tights can be worn with a casual weekend outfit or can be used to enhance an evening dress with a playful touch.

polka dots tights black zohara gvozdishe

3. Be in love

with heart tights. These footless tights are the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe. Whether you like your hearts in pink or black, they will keep your legs looking smooth and touchable and make those shorts outfits that much cuter.


4. Be original

with spiderweb tights. Their edgy tattoo look let’s you show off your legs with something unique. Wear them with a black skirt or a simple dress and let your legs get the attention they deserve.

magdelinskaya spider printed tights Zohara TrendyLegs

5. Be Bold

with Indian print tights. These one of a kind sheer tights have a design in pink and green that runs down the front of the legs, looking as though they are painted onto the body.

indian design print sheer tights zohara 20F162-LGPE-z

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