3 Perfect Patterned Tights and Boots Combos

Patterned Tights And Boots Outfits Trendylegs

When it comes to winter, there is no chicer look than fun, patterned tights worn with a pair of boots. We teach you how to perfect this trend, taking style inspiration from some of our favorite fashion bloggers.

Sheer Tights & Heeled Booties

When To Wear It: The milder seasons; fall, spring or evenings out.

How To Wear It: With a slinky dress, we love Viktoriya’s style from fashion blog Tie Bow-Tie. A mid-thigh skirt length is best here, to help the sheer tights to elongate the legs and a pair of light coloured ankle boots are a great finishing touch.

Why We Love It: It’s classic, it’s sexy and it shows off those pins!

Gold Printed Sheer Tights Skin Color By Viktoriya Sener

Grey, Patterned Tights & Leather Boots

When To Wear It: To a tea party.

How To Wear It: We’re totally inspired by Fashion Blogger Kristina Magdalina, who perfectly pulls off a mid-length dress and ankle boots along with printed tights. The secret? Get daring, this look needs attitude and bold accessorize to ooze confidence.

Why We Love It: It seems daring, but with our formula, it’s surprisingly easy to wear.

Patterned Tights Trendylegs Magdelinskya Outfit 1000

Polka Dot Tights & Chunky Black Boots

When To Wear It: Saturday night drinks.

How To Wear It: With a black, leather-look mini skirt, a preppy button up shirt and lots of eye-liner a la Killy from Moon Magik, who killed this look. Keep accessories minimal to allow your patterned tights to take centre stage.

Why We Love It: It’s edgy and fashion forward.

Dots print Tights zohara moon magik

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    Bethanne says:

    Wow I love those polka dot tights and chunky boots! This is always my problem, I never know what outfit to wear with what tights. This has helped me out! 🙂

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