3 Creative Print Tights for a Chic Halloween Costume

Halloween Print Tights

No fall fashion wardrobe would be complete without festive, fun, and stylish tights. With Halloween being the time to express yourself and have fun with costumes, we have three print tights perfect to complete your look. When getting ready for your Halloween party, our one size fits all print tights make a statement, whether dressed up with heels and a mini skirt, or accents to a casual office party.

Our Ants Pattern Print Tights scream Halloween, with bright contrasting ants that creep up the side of your legs, these black tights are sure to be a conversation piece.

Ants Pattern Print Tights Black & Grey

For the style star, our Stars Print Tights are sure to make the planets align; from ankle to mid-thigh, your legs will shimmer and people will orbit in admiration.

Our Inc Splash Print Tights are warm, comfortable, and so much fun. With a splash print splatter on the outside of each leg, these tights transition from casual to part time, seamlessly.

Stars Print Tights Blackinc splash Print Tights Black

Be the talk of the party and the object of admiration with our trendy legs tights as part of your Halloween costume.

The best things about all three pairs, is they are great to wear through the entire autumn and winter season.


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