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2XU Compression Shorts Review | Running & Exercise – 2XU

Some Workout activities like running, jogging, climbing, hiking etc involve all sorts of stretching, inverting, twisting… We need apparel specifically designed for flexibility and comfort. There are different workout gear brands out there and a lot of them are absolute junk when it comes to quality, longevity, thickness and see-through fabrics

We finally decided to try different top brands in search for the best training partner. Finding the 2XU Compression Short Was a lifesaver. So speed up your performance and recovery with these industry-leading compression shorts. The perfect partner for your run or gym workout, designed to be layered to deliver a smooth secure feel when layering beneath shorts or joggers.

The Core Compression Shorts are without questions the perfect training companion at the gym, on the field, on the court or out pounding the pavement. For more information, please keep reading this article.

Let’s dive a little deeper!!

2XU Compression Shorts Reviewed & Rated Review Facts In 2023 – 2XU

2XU Men's Compression Shorts
2XU Men’s Compression Shorts
Product Review: These Sustainable Shorts Will Motivate You to Work Out
  • Use

The 2XU’S Compression Shorts are designed to take place of regular workout shorts They can be worn by gymnasts, dancers and anyone else that wants to be comfortable. They have been considered as the perfect training partner because they are ideal for any common sport activities including jogging, running, weight training, gymnastics, and other forms of low to high-intensity cardio

They are mainly designed for athleisure wear but can still be used for water activities too.

Additionally, underwear isn’t required while wearing this 2XU product although it may still be a good idea to wear them for the sake of modesty

This training short is unparalleled in offering gentle compression and support, it is known for its ultra-smooth and super soft fabric that ensures a good feel. It comfortably cuddles any figure too.

What differentiates these shorts from other workout shorts is their compression aspect which has many benefits on the wearer whether concerning his performance or his health.

In terms of performance, this 2XU Compression Short is unmatched in providing maximum comfort, flexibility and a wide range of motion. It doesn’t restrict any movements and conforms to each move, pose and contour; making it easier for wearers to run at their fullest potential and reach some of their fastest speeds

In terms of health, this 2XU Compression Short is used to inhibit the severity of muscle soreness as well as increase blood flow.

  • Breathability

The Invista Lycra material used for the majority of this product’s construction was meant to give you a firmer feel It also wicks moisture away and allows your skin to breathe during intense workouts.

As a result, wearers won’t have to worry about developing a skin rash due to excessive moisture, on the contrary, they’ll enjoy a feel relaxing

Additionally, antibacterial elements have been woven into the design of these shorts

Last but not the least, the material used for this product works to prevent skin irritation which is normally caused by the lack of adequate airflow.

  • Comfort

The truth is that 2XU Compression Shorts are number one in providing a surprising amount of comfort for the wearer and the reason is that these shorts have special design features intended to manage moisture and bacteria which are responsible for discomfort and potential skin rash or skin irritation

By being moisture wicking-which means preventing any sweat from pooling in certain areas of the body – the shorts won’t feel gross after long and strenuous exercise sessions, and thus the wearer will speed up his performance while feeling extra comfortable too.

The other aspect of the 2XU’S Compression Shorts’ potential Comfort lies in its Compression Technology which comforms to each move, pose and contour.

The way that these shorts bind the wearer’s muscles can help reduce DOMS: one of the most uncomfortable aspects of running and strength training

So these shorts are invaluable to runners who want to avoid taking unnecessary rest days due to muscle pain

  • Size

If you want to wear comfortable compression shorts, just make sure that you have chosen the right size for you because failing to wear the true size can lead to severe discomfort and probably to some injuries

So Keep in mind, When shopping for compression shorts, take your body measurements (write them on a paper, on your phone,…) and compare them with the size part provided by 2XU on their website. Failing to do so can have severe health consequences

Don’t worry, you’ll really find your true size because 2XU offers several different sizes that accommodate a wide range of individuals. These sizes are available from S to XXL and have a height of anywhere between 4’ 11” to 6’ 9”.

If unfortunately, your shape falls outside of the average you may be able to work around this with some tailoring, folding or hemming You can do it yourself and make the short suit your specific needs

  • Durability

To be honest, it may not be apparent how durable the 2XU Compression Shorts are but all what we can say is that they certainly aren’t as resilient to damage as a well-made pair of running shoes, whether they were intended for casual use or hardcore trail running.

With that being said, these shorts are crafted with the intention of withstanding the punishment that would be expected from a typical running or gym training session.

The secret behind this short’s resilience is the composition of its fabric. Well, the material is a combination of two powerful synthetic fabrics: Lycra Spandex and nylon Lycra is a popular textile among tights, singlets and yoga pants due to its ability to maintain its shape and flexibility over a long period of time.

Nylon is a much sturdier material famous for its a ability to withstand a tremendous amount of punishment. This miscture of two components, make 2XU Short feels comfortably and without being fragile

  • Accessories

These Compression Shorts feature a small internal pocket for holding very small accessories such as set of keys but to be honest, these shorts aren’t friendly towards supplementary materials

In addition, The fact that these shorts are so lightweight and easily compressed, means that they can be carried in a backpack, storage belt or gym bag as a backup

  • Style

In terms of style, these compression shorts resemble bicycle shorts, So normally they are a perfect choice for cyclists who want performance clothing while biking due to their compression and flexibility The majority of this product’s surface area is comprised of black fabric with a few seams and two emblems breaking up the uniformity

You can find them in two color options whether a reflective silver coating over the emblems and seams or with the second option having blend in with the rest of its design due to a black coating.

These two options are aesthetically pleasing although some buyers complain about the limited stylistic options provided by 2XU

  • Price

Concerning the price, it varies depending on the size that the customer chooses because certain sizes and colorways are difficult to find when shopping through third-party retailers such as Amazon

However, the prices are much more expensive when purchasing through the manufacturer’s own website

Why Are These Compression Shorts So Expensive Comparing To Other Traditional Pair of Shorts?

The answer to this question is because of its antibacterial coating manufacturers’ll use valuable metals such as silver or copper in the construction of these shorts, that’s why the price is high but normally when customers want cheaper items of compression clothing they should search for a product that doesn’t offer that feature.

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